How to Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free
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2022 Guide on How To Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to watch Hotstar outside India for free, then the short answer is it’s impossible to do so as Hotstar is currently geo-restricted only to India.

However, there are ways you can access Hotstar in other countries and this is only possible by using a premium VPN connection that will let you connect to an Indian server.

Let’s go over how to watch Hotstar outside India and see whether or not the service is free in 2022.

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India?

In order to watch Hotstar outside India, you will need to have a premium VPN installed on your smartphone/laptop. 

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free

You can follow these steps to watch Hotstar in your country,

  • Start by downloading a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhost onto your smartphone or laptop
  • Now, sign into the VPN or create an account and purchase a premium plan
  • Once you’re signed in, proceed to enable the VPN by launching the app and then clicking on the Enable or Turn On button.
  • Proceed to select the server location as India
  • Now, open Hotstar
    • Web browser on your laptop
    • Android/iOS app on your smartphone
  • Proceed to create a new Hotstar account using your credentials
  • Finally, select a subscription plan from the list that’s available and enter your card information
    • Since Hotstar in geo-restricted, you will require a credit/debit card that’s registered within India
  • Once you’ve purchased the plan, you will receive a verification email.
  • Click on the verification link in the email to verify the account
  • Now head over to Hotstar and begin watching Hotstar movies and shows regardless of where you are.

Which VPN Should I Use to Watch Hotstar Outside India?

Currently there are plenty of VPN services available on both the Apple Store and Microsoft Store on computers and the App Store and Play Store on mobiles.

However, not all VPN services provide connection to India for free, so you will have to subscribe to the VPN and unlock India from the list of available servers.

Some VPN that i recommend using to unblock Hotstar Outside India are:

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Pure VPN
  • Ivacy VPN
  • Surfshark
  • Solid VPN
  • Cyberghost
  • TunnelBear
  • Windscribe
  • VyprVPN

Now, out of these, the best VPN that offer high speed with minimal downtime are CyberGhost, NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost  is a fantastic VPN service that lets you watch Hotstar outside India, no matter where you are. 

This software has over 7,000 servers worldwide and they have a zero-log policy enabling users to stream content in HD without buffering.

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free

CyberGhost is also 256-bit encrypted, offers kill-switch protection, and DNS leak protection so all your connections remain secure and your personal data is protected from online hackers.

You can purchase CyberGhost for around $12.99 for a month or you can opt to go for their yearly subscription plan that costs $3.95 per month for 12 months.

Over 7000 servers worldwideDoesn’t work in China
Low cost options
24/7 live chat support
Impressive speeds


One of the fastest VPN services in the market today is ExpressVPN. This software has been designed to be reliable and can connect to over 5,000 servers worldwide including India so you can watch Hotstar wherever you are.

ExpressVPN is currently available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. Users can even use this service on their router, which allows them to watch Hotstar on all devices connected to their network.

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free

The service is AES 256-bit encrypted and there’s a zero-log policy so while streaming content online can be fast, there’s minimal data leak and the chances of your account getting hacked is low.

Currently, ExpressVPN can be used on up to 5 devices at a time and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee so if you’re unhappy with their service, you can opt to have the subscription canceled and a refund will be processed back into your account.

Ideal for streaming contentNot affordable
Super fast serversLack of configuration options
Over 5000 servers worldwide


NordVPN is another insanely fast VPN service that lets you connect to servers in India so you can watch Hotstar anywhere. 

NordVPN uses bifurcated servers that are based on location and type allowing you to use one based on what your requirements are. 

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free

The service is encrypted with 256-bit AES protection so no one can track your movements online and it offers the ability to connect to a DNS server by default and comes with DNS leak protection.

NordVPN is currently available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, so simply download the software from their respective stores and you’re good to go.

Fast for streaming HD contentAutomatic server selection will not fit this case
Apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Can connect up to 6 devices

What Attributes Should You Look For When Selecting a VPN to Watch Hotstar Outside India

  • The VPN needs to have a fast connection in order to support streaming
  • Features like AES-256 encryption and OpenVPN functionality
  • Should not suffer from DNS or data leaks
  • Should support multiple devices with a single login
  • The VPN must have a zero-log policy so personal data doesn’t get stored
  • Should have multiple servers in India
  • Must offer 24/7 support in times of need such as configuration settings or downtime issues

Should You Use a Free VPN to Access Hotstar Outside India?

Free VPN services are available in plenty of countries and they can be downloaded either from the Play store, App store or the Microsoft store.

However, since these VPN services are free to use there’s a chance that they will lack the speed, reliability and security that a premium VPN offers. 

You will experience data caps, bandwidth throttling, buffering issues and lack of servers with a free VPN service and the biggest drawback is that most free VPN services do not offer zero-log and AES-256 encryption so there are chances that your personal data may get leaked.

How to Fix the “Hotstar Detected VPN” error?

The Hotstar detected VPN error is a common occurrence especially when using a free VPN or one that’s currently blacklisted by Hotstar.

The only way you can skip this error and begin watching Hotstar outside India is by downloading and using a premium VPN such as CyberGhost, ExpressVPN or NordVPN as their services currently work to unblock Hotstar internationally.

What Happens When you Try to Watch Hotstar Outside India without a VPN?

If you try to access the Hotstar website or app while outside India, you will be presented with one of the following error messages.

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India for Free
Hotstar PC Error
  • We are having trouble playing this video, please try playing a different title [ERR_PB_1410]
  • This content is not currently available in your region. (NM-4031)
  • We are unavailable at your location. [ERR_PB_1417]
  • Hotstar content not available in your region

Can I Watch Hotstar for Free Outside India?

As of 2022, there’s no free international content available on Hotstar. If you wish to watch Hotstar for free then you will be able to stream only regional content such as Hindi, Bengali, Kannada or Tamil.

After Hotstar and Disney+ merged, they took down the free trial and most of the free content that was available on the site and in order to gain access to English shows and movies, you will need to purchase a premium Hotstar subscription plan.

How to Purchase a Hotstar Premium Subscription Outside India?

Since Hotstar is geo-locked to India, you will require an Indian credit card or debit card to complete the transaction. 

Unfortunately, if you do not have one you will not be able to purchase a premium Hotstar subscription outside India and the only way you will be able to is by either asking a friend or family member with an India credit card/debit card to make the transaction on your behalf.

There are other options available such as Fiverr, which is a freelance services marketplace where users provide services such as offering to make payments on your behalf at a charge.


There you have it, with these simple and easy-to-follow steps you will be able to access and watch Hotstar outside India. 

However, since Hotstar is not free even to those within India (except for some regional shows), you will have to select a premium subscription plan in order to access the best that Hotstar has to offer.

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