Time Warner Cable Offers Lots of Benefits


The benefits of using Time Warner Cable are immediately apparent. This company provides all the latest features and services that a family wants for a low affordable price. Time Warner Cable Package Deals have all the features a home needs for quality home entertainment and communications.

Time Warner Cable Digital TV has enough channels to keep an entire family busy, no matter what the age groups in the home are. They offer standard definition in digital clarity and a large no-fee HD selection to watch exciting sports, movies and games with.

Internet and Wifi are provided by Time Warner Cable
Internet and Wifi are provided by Time Warner Cable

It’s great to have all the familiar channels that families love to watch. These channels are even better with the DVR, a digital video recorder that can record and store hours of  programming. Time Warner Cable can provide the DVR for standard and HD programming, so families can watch their recorded programming in the original definition.

The DVR and HD-DVR can record on multiple channels at one time, with the ability to play back recorded programming while it records more.

These devices can make life easier for everyone in the house by making premium programming available 24/7. Another feature that Time Warner Cable Digital TV offers for 24/7 quality programming is the On Demand menu.

On Demand provides instant access to network shows, music videos, Movies On Demand from premiums like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and STARZ. On Demand also provides instant access to newly released movies. These movies can be enjoyed in the home, without worry about late fees.

The DVR adds benefits for the On Demand menu, as well. With a DVR, viewers get additional functions, like fast forward, pause and rewind to gain more control over viewing selections. These functions work for the programming stored to the DVR and for the programming made available through On Demand.

Time Warner Cable Digital TV keeps everything kid-friendly with Parental Controls. These Controls keep kids on the channels parents want them on, even when parents are not around.

From the 'Babysitter' promo by TWC
From the ‘Babysitter’ promo by TWC

Families can enjoy the benefits of the Time Warner Cable Internet, with WiFi. Time Warner Cable Internet offers High Speed Internet with PowerBoost, and Time Warner Cable Internet Turbo. Families get the speeds they need for downloading their online games, HD movies and online music in seconds.

Time Warner Cable Internet also provides free online security software. This makes the world wide web a safer place for everyone in the house. With this software, families gain more safeguards to protect personal information from Identity Theft. This software can also help protect the computer from viruses and other malicious programming.

Time Warner Cable Internet offers free online Parental Controls to help parents keep a safe online environment for their children. These Parental Controls can block content and help parents keep tabs on who their children are networking with.

Time Warner Cable has even more benefits to offer with their digital home phone service. This home phone service can save a family money while providing calling freedom that other plans don’t offer.

Families can make local and long distance calls to any location in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Callers can talk for hours, anytime they want, without paying any more than the low monthly rate.

TWC offers on demand movie streaming services
TWC offers on demand movie streaming services

This same monthly rate includes digital calling features like Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling and up to seven more, allowing families to get and manage their calls.

The cheap rates and convenient use also extends to International calling. Time Warner Cable Home Phone service can provide for all of a home’s calling needs.

These entertainment & communication services are priced so that most any family can afford them. When a family chooses to get all of these services through Time Warner Cable, they can get an even bigger discount through bundled pricing. Bundled packages add convenience and affordability that every family needs.

What Is Dish Network Is Doing Now?

There’s no time like the present. If you are looking for a decent programming provider that will give you the type of quality programming your family deserves, check out the services that Dish TV can provide.

2 year price lock Dish
2 year price lock Dish

Dish offers multiple programming packages with the benefit of International programming, Dish On Demand and Pay Per View. There are literally thousands of programming options that make for a great family night at home- all with family-friendly pricing.

190 Channels with Dish Network
190 Channels with Dish Network

Dish can also provide a variety of DVRs and HD-DVRs that help you catch all your sports, programming and movies when you have time to watch them. The latest HD-DVR from Dish is the Hopper, a device that can store up to 2,000 hours of programming for standard definition and up to 250 hours of programming for HD content. It skips commercials on primetime programming, helps you find the remote and shows up to four different programs on four sets at one time.

The Hopper can be used with the Dish Anywhere service, a service that provides you with remote programming to all of your recorded shows, live channels and Dish On Demand titles. You can also use it to watch Blockbuster@Home selections, a home and game rental service that gives you the best without making you stand in line for it. With Dish Anywhere, you can take you programming anywhere you want it to go. Find more entertainment value at http://www.tristana.org/.

49.99 a month for 2 years when you sign up for Dish
49.99 a month for 2 years when you sign up for Dish

With so much to do, you don’t need to spend more time paying for three separate services. Dish provides Bundled service packages that include home programming, home internet and home phone services. Bundles offer discounted rates and the added convenience of online bill pay options that make monthly bill pays easier. There’s no need to waste time with any other programming provider. Dish Network can provide it all, affordably.

Spectacular Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider Man was released in 2008
The Spectacular Spider Man was released in 2008

I get really confused about how executives at animated studios look at a well made, incredibly detailed show like The Spectacular Spider-Man and decide it should be cancelled.  Then they replaced it with the abortion that is Ultimate Spider-Man.  That’s not fair, really, Ultimate is that bad, but it’s not even close to the quality of the show that proceeded it, yet it has twice (and counting) as many episodes.

They planned a third series yet it never began production.  I wish I knew why. Perhaps it was the upcoming, at the time, The Avengers film.  They wanted to push that franchise into everything Marvel was doing so Spectacular didn’t fit.  Ultimate has SHEILD and Nick Fury and I guess they thought this would be more lucrative for them.

The Spectacular Spider Man from 'Spidey V the Rhino'
The Spectacular Spider Man from ‘Spidey V the Rhino’

Whatever, we got what we got and it is great.  Set while Peter Parker was in high school, Spectacular is one of the best interpretations of my favorite fictional character.  There are been a lot of animated series based on Spidey over the years, all the way back to the 60’s.  There have been good and bad and mediocre ones and this one is one of the best.

Peter Parker is a young guy with problems.  He is a nerd, with few friends and a scientific mind that is far above his peers.  Since he is not very athletic and too smart for his own good, Peter is awkward in social situations to say the least.  The friends he does have, Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson, are torn between their love of Peter and his odd behavior.

When he gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gains super powers, he becomes Spider-Man after letting a burglar escape; a criminal that later kills his Uncle Ben.  He learns that he must use his powers for good but this interferes with his burgeoning social life.  He still gets picked on by the jerky Flash Thomson, even though Pete can now beat him down easily, in a fist fight or at any sport. The ironic thing about Flash is that he worships Spider-Man.  If he only knew….

Doctor Octopus was a villain in the series
Doctor Octopus was a villain in the series

What is really great about the show is that it distills the common traits of all the versions we have seen of the character and makes them feel fresh again.  The show feels authentic and real.  Even without the cavalcade of awesome villains we see week after week, the show would still be a great drama about a high school student struggling with his personal life.

But of course the villains are amazing.  Spidey has a great rogues gallery, including Venom, Doc Oct, Vulture, Mysterio, Shocker, The Lizard, etc.  All of them make an appearance and it’s pretty fun to see.  Too bad we didn’t get more.